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K1 & K2 Key Dates


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Edit: Please ignore - most of the info I need appears to be in the LLT...

Hello - I would be extremely grateful if anyone could provide the exact dates for the following - or point me in the right direction.;

1. When did the K1 Divisions* disembark in France? I know it was May 1915, but exactly when in May? Edit: found in LLT

2. When did the K1 Divisions* first do duty in the front line trenches? Edit: found in LLT

3. When were the K1 Divisions* first used in a major attack? Edit: found in LLT

4. Which volume of the Official History covers the above?

5. Ditto for K2**....July 1915 (except the 16th Irish Div - Dec 1915) but exactly when in July? Edit: disembarkation dates found in LLT

* The K1 Divisions in this case are the 9th (Scottish Div), 12th (Eastern Div) and 14th (Light) Div in France - I already have the details of the other three Divs that fought in the Dardanelles.

** All K2 Divisions: 15th-20th Divs

Thanks in advance. MG

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