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Bandmaster David William JONES Cameron Highlanders


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In an secondhand shop in a small town at the north of The Netherlands, I bought an framed, old painted-in photo of an army man with kilt for just 35 euro's. The staff of the shop had written a little card with the year +/- 1920 on it but couldn't tell me what that year 1920 was about. On the other side of the photo is written in pencil: ' Jones' and 'South AV' . Also the name of a town, Durham I think. Somebody improved the handwrinting but its still a mystery.

Although I love this photo, I think it doesn't belong at my wall, but with with the descendants of this handsome man. I posted a photo of the photo on a Ancestry-forum and quite a few people are helping me to find out who the person on the photo is. Its really a interesting and exiting journey but also very difficult. We (the people from the forum and I) cannot discover what kind of uniform he's wearing. Is he an Officer, a Band Major, what kind of cane is he carrying, what about his kilt ?

And what's written on the back of the painted-in photo ?

Please find attached photo's. (A few photo's are too big to upload, I will adjust them and post them later on.)

Im really gratefull for ANY info or leads you can give me. Best Regards, Esther




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Fascinating! The picture must be after 1919 as he is wearing his Ww1 trio which weren't issued until after then.

I guess Jones, South Av(enue), Durham is an address? Unless the Durham is Durban...

A uniform expert will no doubt be along in a minute.



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WO1 Bandmaster Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders. Looks like tropical dress with WW1 trio and long service medal. The first battalion served in India and Burma between the wars.

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Looks like a Bandmaster in the Cameron Highlanders.

There is no South Avenue in Durham but there is a South Street.

The only Jones' registered in the Durham City AVL is 765367 Gunner Benjamin T C Jones 1st Battery RFA.24 Sutton Street and John Luke Jones Gunner RN HMS Aetaeon



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Hi Esther,

I think that he is a Warrant officer, possibly WO1 looking at his right forearm. The cap badge appears to be Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders, although I am uncertain about the crossbelt. His medals are a WW1 trio with the Long Service and Good Conduct medal.

Hope this helps,


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Could this be our gentleman ?:


Bandmasters of 1st Battalion, The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders:

1920-1932 JONES, David William LRAM ARCM psm.

The year 1920 was written on the little info card that was attached on the frame of the photo. Although the shopmanager couldn't tell me why the year 1920 was written by them on the card, its obvious that info came from the seller of the photo. I personally think that the photo belonged to a familymember of 'Jones', passed away recently and the Second hand shop came to buy the furniture. The only thing I cannot understand is why a descendant (only a descendant would know about the year 1920!) would sell such an, to the family, important photo ?

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On the other hand Im not sure the cane he's holding, is a bandmasters cane..... I've seen photo's that show other militairy men, in kilt, carrying canes. For example:



Oilette Series 9883

Company Officer and Lance Corporal, Drill Order.

Colonel-in-Chief: His Majesty the King.

Colonel: Lieut,General sir J. S. Ewart,K.C.B.

Badge: The thistle ensigned with the Imperial Crown. The sphinx superscribed Egypt.

Battle Honours: Egmont-Op-Zee, Corunna, Fueutes d'Onor, Salamanca, Pyrenees, Nivelle, Nive,Toulouse, Peninsular, Waterloo, Alma, Sevastopol, Lucknow, Egypt 1882,Tel-el-Kebir, Nile 1884-85, Atbara, Khartoum, South Africa 1900-02

And look at these 'Queens Own Cameron Highlander Recruits'......they all carry a cane !



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Fascinating! The picture must be after 1919 as he is wearing his Ww1 trio which weren't issued until after then.

To clarify, the picture must have been over-painted some time in the 1920's as it depicts his trio. BUT it is not uncommon for older pictures to be reused (especially in the case of KIA soldiers and similar) with medals and other insignia added that the wearer would have been entitled to at a later date. So it's possible the original photograph was taken earlier than might be supposed.

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