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RNR minsweepers, engagements and patrolled areas info.


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Hi All,

I have recently received my Grandfather's WW1 service record and would like some help and pointers as I am a novice at this. His name was Richard Grafton Auton born 1885 and joined up in April 1915 and was demobed in May 1919. He was down as a deckhand RNR.

Stamped on his record is Transferred to the Trawler Section R.N.R. from 1st October 1916, N 50680, N R 2063 / 1916. What do the two numbers mean suffixed with the letters N and NR?

Also on his service record is his number 46 and SD, can anyone specify what the SD means.

I have found some of the ships and shore based depots he was stationed at, these included Pembroke(depot/base), Balmoral (paddle minesweeper), Research (paddle minesweeper), Duchess of Rothesay (paddle minesweeper), Actaeon & Ganges (both depots/bases). Two I cannot find are Attentive IV and I think Penn I. If these are ships can anyone point me towards any information on them and possibly a photo as I have photo's of all the others.

The 3 mine sweepers he did serve on is there a way of finding out where they patrolled and any action they were engaged in.

What was Naval prize money for - engagements, salvage or service????? There are prize money number prefixed by the letter A, is it possible to track these down???

Also on his employment is R.V.F West Hartlepool 6.6.21 and R.V.8.F. to West Hartlepool 15.6.21 does this mean he was possibly minesweeping again on the dates off the North East coast???

Is there a way of determining the crew lists and sizes for each of the vessels????

One last question, when the mines were cut at sea, how did they detonate them???

Mnay thanks in anticipation of replies.



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