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7th Bn East Yorkshire Regiment Enlistment Date Via Service Number

Gunner R.A.

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I have a soldier who had enlisted in the 7th Bn East Yorkshire Regiment with the service number 11707.

Could anyone please give me a precise enlistment date for him, or at least narrow it down?

Any help gratefully appreciated,



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Had a quick search of available records for attestations to 7th East Yorks and they would suggest a date of either 3rd or 4th September 1914........

11672 = 3rd September 1914

11678 = 3rd September 1914

11688 = 3rd September 1914

11702 = 3rd September 1914

11725 = 4th September 1914

11758 = 4th September 1914

11794 = 4th September 1914



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Thanks Steve that's brilliant, you have actually ended up helping me with the dates for three soldiers from my local memorial with that list,

kind regards,


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