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William Allen RFA 90709

Roger H

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I have just taken the plunge into my first medal purchase and bought this man's Trio. Much to my surprise there is a surviving service record here http://search.ancestry.co.uk/iexec?htx=View&r=5538&dbid=1219&iid=miuk1914e_123472-00695&fn=William&ln=Allen&st=r&ssrc=&pid=24667

However, the reproduction is not very good and I am having difficulty in sorting out which Brigades he served in and when. I can't seem to find the correct combination sending him to France for a short period on the 26/11/15 and then to Salonika on 3/1/16 where he seemed to remain until Dec 1918.

Can anyone shed any light?

Here is his MIC in case this helps: http://search.ancestry.co.uk/iexec?htx=View&r=5538&dbid=1262&iid=30850_A000023-02118&fn=William&ln=Allen&st=r&ssrc=&pid=116806


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I can make out, posted to Athlone( Co WestMeath Ireland ) Reserve Rgt RH Art 27-8-14

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Just had a quick look through his papers and none of the batteries or brigades appear to relate to units in France...odd that both both MIC and service papers state France. I'll have a better look later when I'm home


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Thanks Don Don and Jon.

I have continued squinting and can make out 54,116 and 172 Brigades. According to LLT116 Brigade was part of the 26th Division which went to France in Sept 1915 before going to Salonika in November 1915 which sort of fits with the rest of Allen's records. But he doesn't seem to have joined that Brigade until Dec 1917??

54th Brigade was part of the 10th (Irish) Division which seems to be the first Brigade he was posted to (which ties in with the initial posting of Athlone Reserve??) and 172 Brigade was part of the 36th (Ulster) Division. Or was he first posted to 172nd Brigade after Athlone reserves? Anyway, a long way from Shrewsbury!!

But the dates are totally confusing. Appreciate your views Jon, and anyone else who would care to have a look. If anyone can sort this out, the GWF can!!

HELP :w00t:


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