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Lieutenant B G C Hobbs Northumberland Fusiliers

John Beech

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I am looking for information on the above officer. He entered France with the original draft of the 1st Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers in August 1914, attached from 3rd Battalion, and was wounded in the trenches at Herlies on 20th October 1914.

According to a previous post and the excellent book 'The Devil's Carnival' he is listed as Lieutenant B G C Hobbs, but his MIC lists him as Lieutenant B G Cresswell Hobbs (Cresswell-Hobbs?), suggesting an hyphenated surname???

I believe his full name to be Bertram George Cresswell Hobbs. The London Gazette has a Captain Bertram G C Hobbs Northumberland Fusiliers seconded for service on the recruiting staff as of 2nd October 1915 (Gazette 1st October 1915) I assume this is the same man??

The London Gazette of 20th October 1939 shows him appointed to be a Captain in the Royal Army Ordnance Corps as of 21st April 1939 and listed as late Major Royal Northumberland Fusiliers. The Army List of quarter two 1943 shows Captain B G C Hobbs attached to Royal Army Ordnance Corps 15th June 1940 (Temp Maj. 11th March 1941) and (Local Lt. Col 11th March 1941). He is still listed into 1944.

What I would like to know is what happened to him after his wounding? Did he return to the 3rd Battalion before becoming a recruiter and did he see any further front line service during the war?

Thank you in anticipation


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Hi John,

He is shown in all the Army Lists which I have as B.G.C.Hobbs. He is only mentioned in the Regimental history when he is wounded and is shown thereafter with the 3rd Bn in the A.L. until October,1917, when he is shown as still with the 3rd.Bn but 'Employed as Adjutant, Volunteer Force'.

I suspect that he did not return overseas following his wounding in October,1914, but you probably need to look at his service papers--which should fill in a few gaps?


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There will be no service papers at Kew as they are not yet in the public domain. Army Records in Glasgow will have them

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Many thanks for your replies. I have since found out that he was a Captain when he was seconded for service with the Recruiting Staff, and I assume this was seen as a means of allowing him to recover his fitness following his wounding.

He was gazetted adjutant in the 'Volunteer Regt', which I take to be the 3rd Battalion, 11th April 1917 (London Gazette 12th July 1917) and he didn't resign his commission until February 1926, on the grounds of ill health, at which time he was still with 3rd Battalion.

I think it is probable that he therefore remained a 3rd Battalion man throughout the war but that his wounds prevented him from seeing further active service after he recovered.



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