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Poelcapelle visit - anything to see in area ref RFC/RAF please


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Hi Pals,

I am re-visiting Varlet Farm with my younger son and two local friends, one of whom is more interest in the air war. Are there any locations within the local driving area of Poelcappelle specifically of interest to the RFC, RNAS, RAF and German airforces, any Aviation museums, specific Aviator casualty graves, anything really.

I would like to make my friend's visit a real success.

Many thanks for comments from those who have the knowledge and expertise.


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There is a Guynemer memorial in the centre of the village. Very famous French aviator who crashed nearby.

The Gutenberg project have his biography for free as an ebook.

Fellow GWF colleague, JVB, is very enthusiastic about his village and could tell you more of what to see.


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