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Luxembourgers in the First World War


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My latest book, an inventory of Luxembourgers in the First World War, is now available on Amazon.co.uk/kindle for those with UK mail addresses or from Amazon.com/kindle for everyone else.

It lists by army, all the Luxembourgers I have been able to trace using all and every means (four years in the National Archives among other things), and gives a biography to the greatest extent possible for each man.

It also lists men who were in the German army, and civilians who were shot by the Germans. For the first time ever, there is a list of men known to have been in the US army.

The only people not listed are those who were arrested in the country and imprisoned or whatever, as the details given in all the various sources are so fragmentary as to be meaningless. This is unfortunate as I know that some of the people were in an espionage network dating from 1916/17 but there is nothing to be done about it. As an example of the fragmentary nature of the info, some people are mentioned in the archives as having been released, but with no date or reason for their arrest!

Some of the stories are remarkable - the man who was captured four times and escaped four times, for example.

My previous book is still available on kindle.

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