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801 Coy ASC MT War Diary Abbreviation Help


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I have just started transcribing the war diary of this ASC unit and have found an abbreviation that I don't understand.

The first dozen or so entries relate to the setting up of the company and contain several similar statements e.g.

'11 men detailed from N0 3 Mob Reserve Depot Bulford to 801 Coy ASC MT'

I know Bulford is a barracks on the edge of Salisbury plain still used today by the Royal Logistics Corps.

My question is what does 'Mob' mean.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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Thanks IPT, I think your on the right lines, I have edited the first post I had missed out 'reserve depot'. I have done a bit more research in Michael Young's ASC book and I am now fairly certain it is just an abbreviation for Mobilization.

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