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'Mentioned in dispatches'...really?


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It might be me but over several years I have had a couple of lads MID'd but, when I have looked at what should be the relevant dispatches, I can't find them named.

Latest is Captain H.E. Quick, RAMC, MID'd for service at Gallipoli ('emblems' appears on his MIC) - but I can't find him In the Gallipoli dispatches on the LLT?

Is it me or what?


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Which Despatches have you looked at? Monro's last despatch was issued in March 1916 I believe and the MID s were in the Supplements to the LGs not the main LGs as the list were considerably long.

Most of the Despatches mention the main players of the senior command and almost all end by mentioning that within a few days a supplementary list of names would be published, usually running to thousands of names. The LLT only has the main Despatches, not the supplementary lists which provide details on junior officers and the rank and file.


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