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what does SWB mean


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At the top of a medal card it is stamped 1914-15, then immediately following, it is handwritten "and SW.B."

At the foot of the card is "EF/5/1681"

In the middle of the card:

15 otar? BW & VM)) IV x/2894 df 25/10.21 & EF/5/1681

any help appreciated


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HI Lina

read these, they will help you understand the card you have-



If you still have problems understanding it, then come back and ask.



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Technically The King's Silver War Badge - for all those who served but were released due to sickness or injury.

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for Medal Index Cards, WW1 medals etc head on over to this page from the UK National Archives


Sounds like your card has 1915 Star, BWM (British War Medal) and VM (Victory Medal) plus SWB (Silver War Badge)

If using Ancestry, the SWB rolls don't show up if looking at UK & Irish records only. Untick the option re UK & Ireland only. They can give you date of enlistment, date of discharge, reason for discharge (sickness or wounds) and if served overseas. In some cases the SWB rolls give age.

List the name of your soldier and the guys on here with ancestry can take a look and see if there is anything else that can be gleaned from the card.

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