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First sighting of poppies in 2013


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I was in an Edinburgh pub yesterday (5 October 2013) that had a box of poppies and accompanying collecting tin on its bar. I didn't see anybody wearing one in the pub or at the football match that the vast majority of the customers would have been attending.

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We've seen quite a few already this year, since mid Sept. Tend to notice because my wife works for the Royal British Legion and every time we see a collection box she informs me the "Official Poppy Launch" hasn't taken place yet.

"What does it matter" is my reply as long as people are contributing!

I also tend to say the R.B.L. could learn a thing or two about marketing from "Help For Heroes", far too much "dodgy" advertising emphasis in Sunday papers re: stairlifts, expanding pants and the like.

Allan D.

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About this time last year I noted a collector in a small town in Var, France (Villecroze). Lots of Brits in that area.

Old Tom

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