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Shooting proficiency badges


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Can any member help me identify a shooting proficiency badge worn by a Corporal W Froom of B Sqdn Berkshire Imperial Yeomanry ? The uniform is blue serge with red facings so presumably the badge is of silver wire on a red background.

It comprises crossed rifles surmounted with a crown and surrounded by oak leaves. Going from memory this was worn by the Best Shot in the Squadron or Regiment for that year.

Does anyone have a copy of IY or TF Regs to confirm this ?




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According to Denis Edwards and David Langley's "British Army Proficiency Badges" the Crossed Rifles in a wreath surmounted by a crown was awarded to the best shot of Sergeants and Lance Sergeants of a Regiment or Battalion. Corporals, Lance Corporals and Privates were awarded the same badge but surmounted with a five pointed star rather than a Crown.

It was introduced in Volunteer Regulations during 1901 and for Regular Units in the Clothing Regulations during 1904.

Hope this helps


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Well thanks for a speedy reply Sepoy. The best shot amongst the Corporals then. We are currently bidding on this via Ebay for the Berks Yeo Museum. If we get this we will then presumably able to see as star rather than crown.



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