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Royal Army Veterinary Corps


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Hi All,

Looking for any info on the RAVC of any nature. The man I am researching was made a Lieutenant

on probabtion September 1914 from the Royal Veterinary College Dublin.

I am trying to get a feel for what they did in general and where and how would the Vets have been deployed.

Where they assigned to specific divisons,etc.

Any help appreciated.

Thanks in advance,Liam

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The the AVC didn't become Royal until 1918.

Here are a couple of starter links:




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Hello Liam

The AVC ran some veterinary hospitals at bases in overseas theatres, and there was a separate mechanism, Veterinary Evacuating Stations, for dealing with animal casualties, but I think that the majority of veterinary officers were attached to cavalry regiments, arillery brigades and other mounted units, just as medical officers were similarly attached.

Officers' records were not affected by the fire in 1940 which destroyed over 60% of the other ranks' service record, so you may be able to find his service record in the National Archives at Kew. His Medal Index Card may also have a "date of entry into theatre"which may in turn reduce the number of likely divisions in which he may have served.

For further info on how to trace him, visit the parent site The Long Long Trail, via the link at top left.

Good hunting!


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Ian, thanks so much that film is wonderful and gives a real sense of what they were up to.

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