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Remembered Today:

German PoWs in Leicester

stuart rowles

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Grandad was an old soldier when WW1 came along, but he ended up guarding German prisoners at Leicester.

Does anyone have any pictures of the camp where they were held or any other information.

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There was a camp at Normanton Hall - Earl Shilton about 5 miles from Leicester

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There was also a camp in the Midland Agricultural and Dairy College at Sutton Bonington

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The camps that are directly listed in Graeme's link above appear to include WWII ones, certainly in the case of Wiltshire, with a whole lot of WWI ones omitted.

I din't know the Leicester area at all, and it may be that Rolloman's camp has already been suggested. There was a WWI camp at No 5 Northern General Hospital, Leicester, and I suspect that this may have consisted of a small number of inmates carrying out fatigue details - unless there was a ward for enemy patients.


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Thanks for all the above information.

I should have said in the first place that he was with the Royal Defence Corps. He died in the flu epidemic on 8th November 1918.

He qualified for a 'Death Plaque' although not for any WW1 medals. He was given a casualty headstone although oddly it is smaller than the usual ones.

He was listed as being in 155 Company, but I have failed to find out exactly what they did.

Sorry for not including this in the original post.

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