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Remembered Today:

Limbered GS wagon Mk 1


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Here is a General Service Wagon, note the ' Horse T ' sign attached for Horse Transport, and also the ' Gold Horseshoe ' being the Divisional Sign for the 37th Division.




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Shire publications has a volume on Military Transport called "Discovering Horse-Drawn transport of the British Army" by D J Smith which contains scale drawings. MG

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I have some that are included in the handbooks of the Vickers MG. I am lucky enough to have the hind portion (but I don't know whether it's a Mark I) in my collection.

Go to www.vickersmachinegun.org.uk/transport-limber.htm for some more info and then www.vickersmachinegun.org.uk/manual-handbooks.htm to download either the 1914, 1917 or 1918 handbooks on the Vickers. The limber drawing is in the back. It is only a side-on drawing but is to scale and I can email you a high res measured version if it is what you want.



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Greetings all,

I thought this might be of interest. It’s a "GS Mark II (XI), General Purpose Wagon, Model of 1905" that’s for sale (only $8900.00). Not sure how it got all the way to the State of Montana, but I would assume it was purchased as post war surplus from a U.S. Army’s Depot. Here’s the link (http://hayesotoupalik.com/New.htm). Yes, I realize the thread is about the Mark I variant, I just thought you might find this interesting too.



P.S. I have no connection with the seller.


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