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Pembroke RGA

jay dubaya

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I present this photograph that is part of a small collection which belonged to BQMS Charles Wilcox late 114th SB RGA. I had believed that this photo was of the 114th SB, but having recently revisiting an old thread and looking at the photo again I suspect that this is actually a photo of the Pembroke RGA at camp. Wilcox joined the Pembroke RGA on or around January 1912 with his brother Hubert, the two brothers appear in the photo with their initials above.

What I would like to know is where this photo may have been taken, what are the small arms being displayed and what uniforms are being worn especially the fella 4th standing from the left. Any comments and further information on the photo would be greatly appreciated,

cheers, Jon


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The Pembroke RGA was a Territorial force coastal Unit presumably manning the coastal batteries defending Pembroke docks. The lads are in a relaxed mood I would guess that they are on their annual camp. If not in south Wales there were ranges at Lydd in Kent, shoeburyness, and many other locations (can't spell the Welsh one at Rhayader) The Regular Unit was 44 Company RGA the TF was the Pembroke RGA with HQ at Victoria house,Pembroke street,Pembroke. the uniforms are a 'hotch potch' typical of lads in a relaxed pose. Those with white buckskin belts and the slings whitened may well be either going on or coming off a guard duty. The light coloured overalls are typical of a Heavy artillery unit and possibly have been training or working on the guns. As this was a 'Coastal Company' my guess would be Lydd, where there was a range for live firing. there were other coastal ranges of course, maybe closer to Pembroke. The rifles could be the long magazine lee enfield M1, possibly an RGA(TF) unit would not be issued with the most up to date small arms.

Tony P

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Thanks for that Tony, from the scant information that I have I do have the Pembroke RGA at South Hook on 8th June 1912 (1 week) and Camp Falmouth 20th November 1913 (2 weeks). South Hook is a local location and very much on the 44th Coy RGA patch whose HQ was I believe at South Hook Fort. Sadly there's little in the photo to give it any definative location but of the above two locations Falmouth would seem the most likely. There does appear to be a large building in the background - high roofed with short external walls - a church perhaps?

Can anyone tell me about the uniform of the man standing 4th from left, the cloth appears to be much darker than the surrounding khaki tunics and has many more buttons than the others pictured. Any further comments much appreciated,



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