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List of wounded Soldiers in Gloucester's 3 Red Cross Hospitals


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The 3 Red Cross Hospitals in Gloucester admitted some 6000 soldiers. Lists of the wounded published in the Gloucester Journal have now been indexed, with a total of 3800 names so far recorded. They included a small number of names from other articles in the newspaper recording the wounded taking part in bowls and cricket matches and concert parties. Around 500 of the soldiers are listed with their service numbers.

The index has now been uploaded into the Gloucestershire Archives online catalogue and can be accessed in the following way

Go to


In the "Any Text" box enter either Hillfield, Bishops Palace or Great Western Road

In the "Finding Ref" box enter Gloucester Journal

click Search and then when the results page loads you will see Click to see overview of records, clicking on this gets you to an A to Z list of soldiers from one of the 3 hospitals and by clicking on the number by a soldiers surname you will get more details for that soldier as in the screenshot below.

Hope it's of help and interest


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Thanks for the heads up

My interests are Regiment based (RWF)

I put Royal Welsh Fusiliers Hillfield in the Text Box and got a return of 6. A bit more tinkering will probably bring up more.

Others may want to do this with their regiments. Wouldn't bother searching for Gloucesters men this way though! <Grin>


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