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ASC Regimental Prefixes and Numbers.

Laird of Camster

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I`m in the process of putting a collection together of ASC BWMs, one example for each Regimental Prefix. Now as I`m sure you can imagine there is no shortage of examples. But there are a couple which are eluding me and I was wondering if anyone has seen any or has them in their collections (so I know whether they even exist!).

PET for Petroleum Dept.

F Forage Dept (not paid from army funds) - so I`m assuming that they didn`t serve overseas, therefore no medals would have been awarded?

E Forage Dept (ordinary rates of pay from army pay for ASC) - no sure whether they would have served overseas or not?

The next ones I have seen some examples, of A (Clerks), but believe that at some point A became B, and E (workmen) became A. Can anyone shine any light on how I could tell an A (Clerk) from an A (workman).

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