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SS Nyanza(Greenock)


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Hi All,

I have a named WW1 Death Plaque. This sailor was killed when his ship the SS Nyanza (Greenock) was torpedoed by the U-53 (Kapitanleutnant Hans Rose) on 9 December 1917.

a) where was the Nyanza sunk?

B) who was the Captain of the ship?

c) request picture of the Captain of the Nyanza and the ship

Thank you in advance,


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I have just stumbled upon this website while researching an ancestor of mine who was on board SS Nyanza, sailing from UK to Singapore when she was torpedoed by German U boat U53, Captained by Hans Rose, on the night of the 9th December 1917.  He, along with several others, were able to board a lifeboat but on lowering the boat, it tipped over and they were thrown into the water.  He unfortunately drowned, along with 48 other passengers and or crew.  He had been home on leave from Singapore, where he had worked for many years as well as being an Officer in the SVA - Singapore Volunteer Artillery - and in 1906 was ADC to H.E. The Governor, Sir John Anderson. I would be most interested in getting in touch with Roy, who mentioned in one of his posts (27th December 2013) that he was in possession of a Death Plaque for a sailor killed in this incident.   I know it's a long shot as his post was 7 years ago but I am hoping he is still active on this site.

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