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Proposed visit in October. 1/20th London.

Tim P

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My grandfather survived the war, honourable discharge in February 1917 without a scratch. That to me is very telling. His record shows convalesence from Dec 1916.

He joined 1/20 London in September 1916 and I am planning to take my dad on a pilgrimage this October, never having been before.

I need info about the locations of the battalion between Sep and Dec. It is especially my belief this he was in the push on 01 October towards eaucort labbaye. My guess is from high wood and les boeufs area.

Any seasoned travellers able to suggest an itinerary that would encompass that as well as other must see things in the locality. We are prepared to travel a little . The trip would be two days sandwiched between two travel days, midday ferry on the first of those.

Any suggestions and guidance would be gratefully received.

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Have you got a copy of the war diary for September to December for 1/20 London?


EDIT: Click here

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