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American Field Ambulance - "At the front in a flivver"


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Does anybody have the book "At the front in a flivver" by William Yorke Stevenson or has access to it?

It is online availabe here http://archive.org/details/atfrontinflivver00stev . But a paper copy is needed as I would like to have a high-resolution scan (at least 600 dpi, better 1.200 dpi) of the photo between pages 48 and 49.

There was once a copy of that book in the State Library of Berlin but it was lost during WW II. And no other copy is available in public libraries in Germany.

Any help would be appreciated very much!



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Hi Karsten

Yes I have it (and lots of other AFS stuff for my current project)

Where would you like the scans sent to as a 1200 DPI Tiff file it is pretty big! (even as a jpg quite large!)

This is the picture of the Gunboat correct?



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