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Royal marine rating: R.M.L.G.? M.U.?


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Hello all,

Regarding one DL.4336 (S) J. Hopkin R.M., in his listing on the S.W.B. roll are the following under 'rating' (see attached pics...):

'M.U.' (the ditto marks seem to relate to the second attached pic, R.M.L.G.?)

Is the 'G' actually a 'C'? and would this be Royal Marine Logistic Corps? And would M.U. be Maintenance Unit? And if so what would he have been doing?

Or have I misread it completely?

Thanks for any thoughts....



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Jeuan HOPKIN initially served in Wales Division of the RNVR and was transferred to the Royal Marines Medical Unit (RMMU) of the Royal Naval Division. He never served in the Royal Marines Labour Corps (RMLC), which this entry seems to be.

His RNVR and RMMU papers are held at the Fleet Air Arm Museum:- http://www.fleetairarm.com/royal-navy-royal-marines-services-records.aspx

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Thanks for that.

I think the ditto marks may have related to the R.M. part, with the M.U. replacing the L.C. of the ones above.

He was entilted to the B.W.M. only, so must have been at a home based hospital.

Thanks again.

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