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Uniform ID anyone?


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Hello Everyone

A friend has asked me to ask you if anyone can identify the uniform of the chap in the picture (and what the upturned chevron on his left arm means. Overseas service?) Its a lovely family shot and I think that it may be to mark the confirmation of one or two of the young girls.



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It appears to be Army Service Corps c.1914-1918 war. The uniform is the universal/standard Pattern 1902 Service Dress. The chevron is infact a long service/good conduct chevron awarded for two years service.

Overseas chevrons, approved for wear in early 1918, were worn on the right-hand sleeve, not the left. One red for overseas service in 1914, and then consecutive blue stripes for years 1915 onwards.

Photo probably taken c. 1916/17.

Hope this helps.

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I would guess a driver in the Army Service Corps given the hat badge and the bandolier. I am pretty sure the hat badge is Army Service Corps and the bandolier was generally worn by mounted troops. He is wearing a good conduct chevron on the left sleeve. I understand this denotes 4 years of service.


Tim D

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