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can somone explain please

Guest benrymnd

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i am trying to find where in the first war my grandfather was, he was in the royal irish fuiliers i have the following information downloaded from the national archives if it will help.the a4 page has 6 seperate squares on with the following informatio.

sq1( name) joseph bennett (company)r ir fus (rank) pte (reg n0)16576

(medals) victory (roll)b/103 b6 (page)609.

" " british " " " "

sq2 (name) joseph bennett (corps) rif brig (rank)pte (reg n0) 50429

(medals) victory (roll) m/102 b/82 (page)4140

" british " " " " "

sq3 (name) joseph bennett (corps) r ir fus (rank) pte (reg n0)20169

(medals) victory (roll) b/103 b7 (page N0) 795

" " " " " "

sq4 (name) joseph bennett (corps) m g c (rank) pte (reg n0) 58382

(medals) victory (roll) mgc b/108 b39 (page)3448

" british " " " " " "

sq5 (name) joseph bennett (corps) a&sh (rank) pte (reg n0) s/11717

" r highris " s/41047

(medals) victory (roll) g/102 b19 (page n0) 1395

" british " " " " "

sq6 (name) joseph bennett (corps) m g c (rank) pte (reg n0) 128078

(medals) victory (roll) m g c /101 b78 (roll) 6261

" " " " " " " "

how he came to be in the royal irish fusiliers i don't know as before he signed up/conscrpted he was living in warrington in lancashire i have the 2 medals belonging to him thats how i traced the information on the national archives,all the information seems to contradict itself with different sqs having different information i.e different reg numbers in each sq and different corps.

hope somone can help please.

kindest regards ray bennett

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I've posted a response to this question in the other thread that you have started.



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