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London Gazette mention


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As there has been a bit of discussion about the London Gazzete recently I thought I would offer this question.

Whilst compiling a list of specific men mentioned in the LG I came across my Gt Uncle.

30395 Gnr Peter Perrott RGA.

The section he was listed under was titled as follows


In pursuance of " The Regimental Debts Act, 1893," notice is hereby given that there is available for distribution amongst the Next of Kin or others entitled the sum of money set opposite to the name of each of the deceased Officers and Soldiers named in the lists which are published with this notice in the London Gazette and the "Army List," and are also to be seen at the Regimental Depdts throughout the United Kingdom. Applications from persons supposing themselves entitled as Next of Kin should be addressed by letter to " The Secretary, War Office, Park Buildings, St. James' Paik, London, S.W.," and marked outside " Effects."


War Office, December 31, 1915.

List CCCCXC. of the Names of deceased Officers and Soldiers whose Personal Estate is held for

distribution amongst the Next of Kin or others entitled.—Effects 1914-15.


It obviously relates to monies he had owed but at the end of 1915 had not been distributed to the next of kin ( he died Jan 15). Seeing as I have service records showing dialogue between his family and The RGA what can I assume?

I guess its to do with the fact they lost track of the NOK's whereabouts for some time.

Its not an important question but an intriuging one. :)



Below pic of entry (RH col £, sh, p)


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(RH col £, sh, p)


I will now give away my age :o

That should be; £ s d

The ‘d’ being for denarii, the Roman predecessor of pence

Sorry for the interruption

Michael D.R.

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Thank you for the correction. I am affraid I only have woolwich Co-op tokens to pay for any advice ;)


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I to have found one of my ancestors ,...R.FLOOK...PRIVATE...2 ND BATTALION CONNAUGHT RANGERS 2.0.4(two pounds and four pence.)(proper money).This was in the LONDON GAZETTE OF 26 OCTOBER 1915.He was killed on 11/11/1914.no known grave.My guess is that this money was found in his personal belongings .say with his kit .I do not know if the money wasa ever claimed by the family.After all this time I dont think anybody alive will know.I shall let sleeping dogs lie.



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I wasn't planning on claiming it :P

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