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Lille in the third year of the war (Film)


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Lille in the third year of the war 1917 (17.01) EFG

Lille im dritten Kriegsjahr (1917)

google translation

Main Title -plan in context with BUFA logo. 1 Between Title : Arrival of daily express train Berlin- Lille . Lille is just 8 km away from the foremost English position . Image : Arrival of the train at Gare du Nord , in the course are just soldiers entering the station hall , hustle and bustle at the station. 2 Between Title: Station Square. Image : Panning along the outer grounds of the North Station of Lille. 3 Between Title : Panorama of Lille of the Church " Sacre Coeur " Seen . Image : A soldier shows different views of the church tower location points in the landscape , view of the city of Lille . 4 Between Title: The destroyed railway station district with the city theater. Image : Long swing along the ruined house and other buildings destroyed ; look at the city theater . 5 Between Title : Field Grey go to theater . Picture : Soldiers go up the stairs in the building , civil walk past on the forecourt . 6 Between Title: Droschkenplatz the theater , a large number Civildroschken with good horses available for public traffic . Picture: The picture shows the stopping place, passing tram , in the background the hotel " to field gray " . 7 Between Title : Main guard and editors of " Lille newspaper " . Image : Building in the picture, military guard . 8 Between Title: The coming of the guard. Image : Heranmarschierende guard companies ( with Pickelhaube ) under Militärkappellenbegleitung ; ceremonial changing of the guard in the forecourt of the main guard ; civilians to see ; departure of the troops. 9 Between title : When Sunday afternoon concert at the " Jardin Vauban " Image : soldiers, officers and civilians walking through the park , children playing, families, a small group of soldiers is on a small lake . 10th Between Title : Market life in Lille . Image : A busy marketplace and bustle around him ; carts with merchandise stand around , people hurrying past ; Cafe " Massena " on the road ; traders with their goods available on the market towns . 11th Between Title: In Exchange building a food distribution point of the " Comité d' Alimentation du Nord de la France " is set up exclusively for the poor population Civil Lille . Image : Front view of the building , people come and go ; snake standing groups under military guard ( police). 12th Between Title: Overhauling troops. Picture: German troops with military orchestra progressing , marching through a street of Lille ( with Pickelhaube ) . 13th Between Title: German Field bookstore . Image : Bookshop praises of books, newspapers, magazines and stationery ; clientele comes from the building. 14th Between Title: French Civil population observed an English aviator . ( Every week, throw British pilots from across the city bombs that cause most damage only under the civil population ) . Image : Street life in Lille approaching streetcar in a commercial street , civilians and military in the image. 15th Between Title: The Daily Army report . Every evening at 6 clock , the same is posted in German and French on the building of Lille war newspaper . Image : Crowds of civilians standing in front of a building with the inscription : ' Reading Room ' . 16th Between Title: Departure of a train for holiday home . Picture : Soldiers ( with Pickehaube ) and officers on the platform ; military look out of the windows of the waiting train , boarding and departure from Lille , a railway official runs counter to the passage of the train and goes into the last carriage .

Source: German Federal Archive


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