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Das zerstörte Görz. Ein Opfer der ohnmächtigen Wut Italiens. Das Paten


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Das zerstörte Görz. Ein Opfer der ohnmächtigen Wut Italiens. Das Patenkind der Stadt Berlin

google traslation

The destroyed Gorizia . A victim of impotent rage in Italy. The godson of Berlin

The ZT destroyed Gorizia . A victim of impotent rage in Italy. The godson of Berlin. ZT The city of Gorizia Gastejnoviz seen . ZT The People's Garden in which many grenades exploded . The ZT basement of an Italian ship 30.5 mortar in the flower of the park . ZT The devastation of the Italian mortar. ZT The Italians first shot at the better hotels in the city , because they knew that officers live here . The Hotel Post on Via della Teatro them was ... ZT One particularly popular destination. Here they achieved several hit caused a terrible devastation. ZT On Via Morelli , we see the devastating effect of a grenade. The sphere has the outer and rear main walls des .. Excavated ZT ... building and caused a tunnel-like opening. Standing on the sidewalk , we see through the holes in the wall, a whole section of the park . ZT Part of the Via della Ginnastica , left annihilated by grenades house whose gate an old dear mother on the street rushes to the still existing ... ZT ... wall fragments carry away . Law also riddled houses , at the corner of Via Allveres the small Protestant church of Gorizia , the tower was hit by a grenade. The house ZT Via della Caserma No. 9 was from the courtyard covered with a 30.5 bullet that sent the huge 3 floor tenement Total based . Of a Zündgranate taken a leaf from the burned completely . ZT The bank building in Via Patrazza was hit by a Zündgranate that destroyed the two bay windows of the house , the interior of the house is totally burned . ZT Also since the wartime popular of local entertainment : cinema , was not spared. In Edison 's Theater during a performance hit a grenade. ZT A large building struck by a shell , the inner part was totally ruined . While the main wall remained standing , flew around the window frames for all wind directions . The ZT destroyed by a grenade apartment of Colonel N. fighting on maggio plateau. The terrible force of the explosion hurled the salon with ... ZT ... the floor in the basement, while the bedroom just the wall was destroyed against the road . The furniture remained intact. ZT The house in Via Morelli No. 8 is so damaged that the traffic is connected on the road with danger. The military engineers have blocked the road for this reason . ZT The dial of the clock shows how much room this clock was hit by a grenade. The Italian ZT balls often also meet Italian companies . ZT 30.5 A grenade that struck in the garden of the Park Hotel and dug halfway into the ground. The bullet did not explode and ... ZT ... after the ignition has been removed , it is lifted by soldiers and staff from the pit . The ZT Piccolo from the hotel and the grenade . The ZT PIAMO where our left wing defended the Gorizia bridgehead across the nose at the Podgora . The ZT Ozlavia , which was mentioned in the official report until ultimately associated with that strong night attack, which has caused huge losses to the enemy . The ZT -vanishing in the mist mountain next to the Ozlavia is Monte Sabotino . In the saddle between the two mountains of the Isonzo flows to the city of Gorizia and zoom ... ZT ... for pure weather you can see from this whole , our glorious Isonzo .

Gorizia ( Gorizia today ) was fifth of the Imperial on the Isonzo Army developed as a bridgehead and was hard -fought goal of Italian offensives. The city of Trieste, Gorizia was as seen as symbolic . At first it seemed to be much more important than events on the Russian front or entry into the war Romania. Between June 1915 and September 1917 eleven material-intensive and bloody Abnützungsschlachten were beaten on the Isonzo . Beginning of August 1916 Gorizia fell at the beginning of the 6th Isonzo the Italians, but barely reached territorial gains in subsequent battles . In September , 1917, during the eleventh battle , the tide seemed to turn for the Italians . Then massaged the Central Powers troops and weapons in three-fold power. So far on this front is not used weapons , including poison gas ( the Italians had no gas masks ) , brought an Italian army after another disaster. During the twelfth and final battle of the Isonzo , from the end of October 1917 , the Italians lost a multiple of all the territorial gains of the last three and a half years of the war , 10,000 of its soldiers were killed , 30,000 were wounded , 294,000 men were taken prisoner , hundreds of thousands deserted . A military success, which , was a Pyrrhic victory for the monarchy , given the mass of the supplied POWs. The film THE DESTROYED GÖRZ on the eve of the 5th Isonzo , on 10 Premiered in March 1916. The camera measures by individual streets , recognized the shape of the damage and retreat to a hill . He gets a strategic function. He gives a clear view of mountain tops , the center of night attacks were successful . And he opened a symbolic horizon. In clear weather you can see from here our whole glorious Isonzo .


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