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Forum Pals wish list - author and subject?

Jim Hastings

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Hi All

Not a book review, but not sure where else to post it, so here goes ...

Just wondered, if they had a choice, who Forum Pals would like to have as an author of their choice and on what subject they would like them to write upon, for example, having really enjoyed Peter Hart's 'Somme' and '1918', my choice would be Peter Hart writing about the British battles on the Western Front in 1915, would really appreciate his view on Neuve Chapelle (given a bit in 'Somme' admittedly), 2nd Ypres, Aubers, Festubert, Loos ...

We all have a preferred writing style that we like to read and subjects we like to read upon, just wondered what other Forum members thought?

All the best


PS I know sadly Peter is no longer participating on the Forum, but if you do get to read this and are short of subject ideas for your next book may I suggest 1915 ... :whistle: (plus looking forward to hearing you speak on Haig at the Eastbourne Redoubt next month)

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Jim, good idea for a post. I'd like to see Peter Barton add a book on the 1915 battlefields using his approach of mixing narrative with contemporary trench photographs and quotations from letters. He's obviously covered this area in his original book and I would like to think that there would be enough additional material to support this. If I was getting really ambitious I'd like to see this approach extended to the French battlefields if it were possible; particularly Verdun which has always fascinated me and frustrated me in equal measure because so many of the sight lines are obscured by the forests.


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That's a good call Pete, a friend lent me one of Peter Barton's books about a year ago and was soon engrossed. Yet to purchase one myself (as my good lady notices when I buy the bigger books but not the smaller paperbacks that I can sneak onto the bookshelf ... :thumbsup: ), but a must for my shelf

Cheers Jim

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