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Can anyone shed some light on a few questions I have on soldiers of WW1.......

What was a soldiers pay and did it vary from home service to overseas........ I suppose some would have been clawed back by the military for food and lodgings.

did a soldier earn more money for good conduct badges/stripes

On discharge what did soldiers get in the way of clothing allowance or money

what was the procedure for a soldier to get his medals.... When were they issued

Many thanks


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Hello basil

The parent site The Long Long Trail (see link at top left) has a comprehensive section on pay. By 1915 there were no "clawbacks" for food and lodgings, and there were allowances in addition to pay for those who had to find their own. For staff and senior officers there were two rates of pay quoted (as consolidated annual amounts rather than the more usual daily rates) according as to whether or not quarters were provided.

There were generally no pay differentials between home and overseas service, although the allowances might be greater e.g. separation allowance for soldiers' families.

As regards medals, I believe that they were issuied automatically to soldiers, but officers had to apply for theirs.

I think a civilian suit was issued on demobilisation (this was certainly the case after WW2). There were also certain military issue items such as boots which the soldier could keep.


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