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Hello - I wonder if anyone can help with a distant relative of mine?

Oswald Allsopp, Rifleman 307330, 1/5Bn London Regiment, London Rifle Brigade.

No family alive to help me?

He died from his wounds belatedly early in 1919 and is buried in Welford Road Cemetery. Leicester.

Does anyone know how/where in WW1 he was wounded and any details of his service record?

Thank you in anticipation.

Shane Hull

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No service record apparent on Ancestry. He has a Medal Index Card showing 2 Regiments:

Durham Light Infantry,numbers 4557 and the 1917 re-numbering 277379 ( 7 Battalion),and,

London Regiment, numbers 45394 and the 1917 re-numbering 307330 ( 5 Battalion )

Into war zone after 31.12.1915.

A soldier with two Regiments like this may well have been withdrawn from the first named due to wounds or sickness and on return to fitness posted to the next unit in need of a draft to replace losses.

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Hi Shane

His medal rolls entry showed he served in France with DLI

14.8.15 - 28.9.15

1.5.17 - 23.5.17

27.3.18 - 28.3.18 and transferred to 5th Londons on 28.3.18

returned to UK on 25.2.19

His medal index card though says he went overseas after 1915 but in my view this more likely to be wrong than the medal rolls

Quick look on Ancestry 1911 census shows a Oswald Allsopp born 1892 Wigstone Leics; might be him



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Good Morning Shane,

Oswald is not on the screen wall at Welford Road Cemetery, so must be buried in a separate plot. I've not been able to find him on the county 1918 Absent Voters List, so he must have been a resident of the city, but the city list only shows a mans name and address and I'm afraid I haven't done anything with it as yet. If anything else turns up i'll get back to you.



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Hi All

Thank you for the info to date....

Oswald was born in Wigstin in 1892 and is buried in a single plot with CWGC White stone.



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