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Remembered Today:

1st Royal Dublin Fus.


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Whilst going through my Gt Uncles service papers I just found out his Brother was In the 1st Royal Dublin Fus.

9266 H Perrott 1st Bn R. Dublin Fus.

I then found him on the London Gazzete recieving a DCM...

9266 iSjt. H. Perrott, IstBn., R. Dub. Fus.

(Poplar, E.).

At St. Louis, in the Courtrai Sector, on

the night of 20th/21st October, 19'18, he was

in command of a platoon advancing through

St. Louis. The platoon came under heavy

artillery fire. With most of his men casualties

he rallied the remainder and maintained

an 'advanced position, during the entire

night, and although '.under intense shelling,

succeeded in evacuating all the wounded

men. He displayed marked gallantry and

able leadership during the whole attack.

I will pull his MIC and look for service records on my next PRO visit.

Until then can anyone offer any diary info etc around the 10/10/18?

I have looked on the mother site and seen he was part of the 29th div.



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Hello Leigh,

I had a look in "Orange, Green and Khaki", but it only covers the action at Courtrai on the 14-15 October 1918. I would be interested to know if your man served in Gallipoli with the 1st RDF.



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If I find out I will tell you. I know he was in Egypt at sometime as this is recorded on Peter Perrott's records (could be anytime after 1919 I think).



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