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No.1 (T) Wireless School Gosport


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According to his RAF record, my Grandfather, William Law Rennie was appointed 2nd. Lt (T) R.F.C. attached to the R.A.F in 21 Squadron and No.1 (T) Wireless School on 30th March 1918. On 19th September 1919 he was promoted to Lt. (T) He resigned his commission in December 1919. Prior to that her served at Gosport in the R.F.C. as a Sergeant Major.

I have believe that No.1 (T) Wireless School started as Wireless Operator School R.F.C. in 1915 and was transferred to the RAF in April 1918. It Moved to Flowerdown Winchester in 1919 and was renamed to Electrical and Wireless School.

There are bits on his record that I cannot decipher.

Any help would be appreciated.

Can anyone help with any information concerning the function of the School?


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I am in the same predicament as to reading my grandfather's records. But, it is fun to find someone else whose grandfather also served in the 1T Wireless School at the end of 1918-19. My grandfather began the War at the South Wales Wireless Training College in Swansea and may have started his military service in a wireless capacity. He later was trained as a pilot. He crashed over France and was hospitalized in July 1918. He was eventually passed unfit for a return to flying and served the remainder of the War in 1T Flowerdown until being "dispersed" 30-7-1919! There is a little more to it than that, but I am having a hell of a time decoding the records as few of the abbreviations match known lists!

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