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I am preparing military obituaries for those men recorded on the village War Memorial (Hoxne, Suffolk). One I am paticularly interested in served in the Manchester Regiment and died on Manchester Hill at the start of the Michel offensive, I have tried to register with the Manchester Regiment Forum but the registration section is disabled, do any members of the GWF have any contacts with the MRF?

Any help would great.

Many thanks,


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The first forum on the site is labelled 'How To Join Us'; click on it, also click on 'How To Join The Forum' on the next page, and follow the instructions.

You have to e-mail the moderators now, as the forum was getting overrun by spammers (the site explains it all).


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To sign up for the Manchester Regiment forum, you need to send an email to me at

harribobsATthemanchesters.org replace the AT with @

include a user name and a password and I will set you up with an account

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