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war in Mesopotamia

Guest Lowell

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Your excellent series on the war in Mesopotamia contained the phrase (Budhoo Gangs). I have searched the net and could not find any info.

What are Budhoo Gangs??

Thank you,


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These gangs are referred in all (the very few) histories that I have seen about the war in Mesopotamia. Budhoo is not a word that I have ever come across before or since. It is quite possible that it may be spelled differently nowadays, if anyone uses it.

They appear to have been natives, and very vicious too. There are many stories about them attacking army units, killing wounded men, stripping bodise of their clothes, etc. So I on the basis that they were native of the Tigris valley I would hazard a guess at Arabic, Muslim, possibly nomadic tribesmen?

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In the half dozen or so accounts I have of the war in Mespot, I have not found any reference to Budhoo gangs. How about a British/Indian army term for gangs of marauding arabs?


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