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I was attending a convention, and I got speaking to a gentleman there, when we were speaking about family members who thought in the war, he said that if you can get hold of the medal records, you can get replicas of the medals they had won (but he was persific with which wars), so my question/s are these:

Is this possible for World War One?

If, possible, how do I got about getting them?

What proof would I need, though I'm not the next of kin (and the next of kin is deceased)?

Who would I contact, if possible?

I have tried Google, but it leads to more questions then answers. Thanks in advanced.

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The medal index cards held online by the National Archives and Ancestry will tell you what the recipient is entitled too. The medal roll

information of these cards will point you towards the Medal Rolls held at the NA and will confirm the entitlement and additional info.

To get replicas you do not need proof, next of kin etc... this is usually for lost / stolen / unclaimed medals and service records post world war one.

World war one officially named medals are no longer replaceable or issued but alot of online medal shops / dealers do replica campaign

medals which you could use for now. You maybe be lucky and the official issued medals are still out there somewhere.

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Hi there

I think the gentleman was referring to WW2 medals. For WW1 medals the last official reissues were stopped years ago.

If you don't know which medals he won, you can probably find his medal card on Ancestry or other sites. But anyone can buy medal copies and replicas - there are lots of sellers on ebay and other places. You could then have the edges engraved just like the real thing if you wish.

If you want "real" ones, you can buy what are called erased original medals - where the name has been removed. They sometimes come up on ebay but are of course more expensive.

And the final route is to hunt around and see if you can find the real originals come up for sale!

Hope that helps.

Kind regards


(Beaten to it slightly by Simon2! Must type quicker...)

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Thank you both, for your help, I found his medal card on the NA site, which I found fascinating, and while I was at it, got the war diary of his Battalion, which was weird (in a good way) to read, cause I never thought we could view such documents until I went on the NA website.

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You could join the British Medals Forum and post your relatives under the "wants" section

Justin H

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Apologies, post edited.

In my defence I was not aware of this but I can now understand why.



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