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PTE Albert Beadle


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Albert Beadle

DOB - 01.03.1899

Born - Tewin, Herts

Lived - Clay End, Walkern, Herts at time of enlistment

I have been attempting to research my great grandfather's WWI war service and so far I have seen his draft enlistment on ancestry and a copy of his medal index card, from the National Archives (downloaded).

I have managed to establish that he was 17 yrs and 10 months at enlistment (to the 60th Training Reserve Battalion, stamped Wilts Reg) and with dob of 01.03.1899, would make it around Jan 1917 (unless he lied about his age, which I understand was relatively common) when he joined up.

Unfortunately the draft enlistment is all blackened around the edges, so I suspect it was one of those records that sustained fire damage, so I cannot see the actual date this was signed.

I have two photos that I have attached showing from when he served in the Wilts Reg (service no. 21620 from Medal Index) and then from the information on the medal index card the Labour Corps (service no. 650851), so suspect he could have been wounded.

However I have now hit a buffer, as I cannot find out what battalion he was in for the Wilts Reg, so cannot find out where he may have been serving to build up a picture.

I would really appreciate it if anyone could help me progress this? (I have emailed Ivor Lee regarding info on Labour Corps service).

Thank you



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Your best bet is the Medal Rolls, which should list all Battalions he served with

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Thank you Stephen, sorry for my ignorance but is the Medal Rolls different to the Medal Index cards?

As this is the information on his one:-

Thank you.


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The reference number on the MIC listed after the Victory medal refers to the actual Medal Rolls which are held at the NA (not online yet), these rolls should list his battalion. I note from his papers on ancestry that he attested on 25th October 1916 and that his transfer to the Labour Corps is listed as 'neurasthenia' which could suggest he suffered shellshock. CWGC list 2 men 21629 and 21642 both died with the 1st Bn. Wiltshires (March and May 1918 respectively) both men were aged 19 when they died. But I would err with caution in suggesting that Albert also served with the 1st Bn., to be totaly sure you need to check the rolls mentioned above


the 2nd photo is interesting, 3 men in camp with 3 different cap badges - left - right Machine Gun Corps, Fusiliers -( possibly Royay) and Wiltshires

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Thank you very much Jon, I don't have a subscription with ancestry anymore, so really appreciate the information. Did you find this information on the blackened draft enlistment that I mentioned (copy below) as I cannot seem to see this, or is there another record that I have completely missed?

I have got further within a few hours on the forum, than in several months trying myself!

The photo is interesting, I have wondered if they were people he knew from back home, or just friends from his time in the army...


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There are further pages available to his service record apart from the front page that are accessed by using the right and left arrows on the Ancestry Viewer. I had a quick look earlier and there may be the records of another man mixed in with Albert's records. The records are heavily "singed" by the Luftwaffe's fire bombs, so it is difficult to tell without laying out the information in the pages and seeing if it makes sense in any way.


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