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Soldiers In Fancy Dress


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I attach a photograph of my Great Uncle George Scott Gladstone (No. 20751 DLI) in what appears to be a fancy dress party at a convalescent hospital. He is near the centre dressed as a policeman. There appears to be a number of cross dressing men, nurses and soldiers wearing hospital blue and of course the ubiquitous dog.

I'm posting the picture just out of general interest for the forum to see what if any additional information can be gleaned from the image, the back of the photograph has the stamp of the photographer D&E Frost, Sheffield. Looking at the LLT I see that there were 2 hospitals near Sheffield the Wharncliffe War Hospital formerly the West Riding of Yorkshire Asylum at Wadsley and the 3rd Northern General. A TF General Hospital for 57 officers and 1360 other ranks. But there is so little architectural detail visible I doubt whether the location can be identified.

There appears to be a wide variety of cap badges on show here so it may be of interest to those far more expert than myself who can identify them.

I know from researching Uncle George's service career that he was shot in the arm and became no longer fit for service, received his SWB and returned to Northumberland. Sadly his injury caused years of pain and he was unable to work as a miner and took his own life in 1936.

I initally enclose the full image, then 3 seperate enlargements.

Hope it is of interest


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Hi Lemme,

Your G Uncle seems to be wearing a real Police Constables uniform. The helmet plate resembles that of the Sheffield City Police and

if you zoom in you can see what appear to be handcuffs hanging under the epaulette on his right shoulder.

Good photograph by the way.



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I've taken the liberty of re-uniting your enlargements with the original.

I've also alerted the Mods that the other three topics are now redundant.

Hope you don't mind :-)

And, as I said in the other thread, great picture!

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I would suggest these images were taken at a Concert Party - have any of the programmes survived?

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Thank you M Brockway for merging the pictures.

Cam, if you're right about George wearing a real police uniform - then isn't that a criminal offence!

Philip Wilson, I'm afraid I have nothing else, no programme just the one image.

So in summation we have Territorial Nurses, a wounded soldier impersonating a policeman - and...is that Disraeli I see sitting twixt nurses second row from the front!



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