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Private Walter Fleet, G/15142, 6th Battalion


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I hope I have written this down ok, for people to read.

I have found what seems to be Private Walters medal card on The National Archives website. I would like some more information on my Great Grand Uncle, but I feel Ancestry has given me all the information, I can get.

I have Private Walters(G/15142), date of birth, 1879/1871 (in Isleham), he died 7th Oct 1916 (death location, I have down is France & Flanders), he was killed in action. He was part of the Queens Own (Royal West Kent Regiment).

Is there anymore information I could add to this? Another question I have, what does Theatre of War mean? As it has it listed on his Ancestry page as Western European Theatre. - sorry to ask what seem silly questions.

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Theatre of War states where the soldier was serving, be it France and Flanders, Africa, the Levant, the Bosporus, etc. I don't know the "official" names of each theatre, but I hope that gives you some idea.

I believe France and Flanders (part of Belgium) was the "official" name for that Theatre, but again I could be mistaken.

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