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German Artillery Ammunition Production Data

Guest worksp2013

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Guest worksp2013


I am looking for ammunition production numbers for the various nationalities during the War.

Initial need is for German data, as outlined below.

I have data on British shell production (thanks to the awesome work done by the Ministry of Munitions in its various volumes!).

The data I need include:

By gun-type, by shell type, the number produced each year (or, by year quarter would be even better); dates: pre-1014, 1914-1918.

Gun-type (mm/inch; howitzer/gun/(trench) mortar). Minimally need ammunition data for the following:

7.58cm a/A and n/A mortars

17cm a/A and n/A mortars

25cm a/A and n/A mortars

7.7cm FK 96 n/A and FK 16

10cm K 04 and K 14

10.5cm lFH 98/09 and lFH 16

15cm sFH 02 and sFH 13

15cm K 16

7.7cm BAK AA (if different from above)

7.62cm S-Flak AA

8.8cm Flak AA

Shell-type. Need data on all types of shells for each gun:



mixed (early-war German HE/shrapnel)

WP smoke

non-WP smoke (i.e., red phosphorus, or other)


armor piercing

star shells (shooting star/shrapnel type)

star shells (parachute type)

gas (gas filling types not necessary)

Barring the data themselves (a tall order, I recognize), possible source document(s) would be great.



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