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W A Wood - 1st Bn East Kent Regiment (The Buffs)


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I am hoping that an East Kent Regiment expert may be able to help me.

My maternal Grandfather Willie Attwood Wood (aka William Attwood Wood and W A Wood) was in the 1911 census whown as in the 2nd Bn The Buffs - Military-Abroad. 1n Aug 1913 he was a civilian when we married my Grandmother.

The only documentation for him is his Medals Index Card where it shows that he went through the war in the 1st Bn East Kent Regiment as a Private and then Acting Sergeant, leaving probably between 1918-20. His Regiment Number was L/8036.

His probable war service with The Buffs is well documented but I am hoping that using his Regimental Number somebody may have a good idea when he originall joined, for how long and where he may have travelled. When my mother was alive all she could tell me was the he was in the Buffs and he had been the China.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Hi Burrbath and welcome to the Forum.

With his number without the "L" and using the excellent Army Service Numbers suggests he enlisted in late 1904. At the time I think Army service was for 12 years consisting of 7 years as fulltime (Regular) and 5 years part time (Reserve). That could explain the change in occupation by 1913.

I can't help with their locations in that time period but I hope this helps a little.


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Hi may I suggest you request the same information here http://pub7.bravenet.com/forum/static/show.php?usernum=589504941&frmid=129&msgid=0, Mick Mills has produced an excellent database of the Buffs. I am afraid he no longer visits this forum but will respond to requests placed on the Regimental Association Mesage page.

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The Army could occasionally extend the seven year active service period to eight years if the man was serving overseas at the time of the expiration of his active service period and it was out of the "trooping season" (i.e. September to May)

The 2nd Battalion served in Hong Kong and Singapore in the 1908 to 1913 period (though the source I have can vary a year or two either way)


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