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Royal Dublin Fus. Graves?


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Have just come back from Honnechy where many Dublin Fusiliers are buried to pay respects to JGM Dunlop. I was surprised to find that headstones to them came in two styles. One with an emblem within a cross, the other in its own badge, a triangle. Any ideas for reasons for this?



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The rule appears to be that when a regimental badge appears within a cross it is a headstone to a named member of the regiment. If the stone is a memorial one or if the body is only identified by regiment then the badge appears in a triangle. The badge appears within a circle to men of the Jewish faith or those whose next of kin chose not to display the Cross.

I assume that regiments were given the choice of circle or wide cross at the time that they approved the regimental symbol.

This is a general rule and I am sure that there are exceptions at times.


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