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Frederick Higginbottom MGC, Chesh.and RFC


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I am trying to do some work on Frederick Higginbottom his MIC shows that he was a gunner in he MCG (717), he became a temp Second Lieutenant in the Cheshires(Battalion I unfortunately do not know) and finally according to his MIC became a Temp Lieutenant in the RFC. SOme record for a person who died in 1916. Was it easy to transfer?

PS Any information on Frederick Higginbottom would be most useful

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2Lt F Higginbottom (formerly 9th Battalion, Cheshire Regiment) was the observer in FE2b A805 of No 23 Sqn RFC, flown by Lt Lloyd Elsley (formerly 1st Central Ontario Regiment) when it was shot down on 5 April 1917. Both airmen died from injuries received; Lt Elsley on 5 April and 2Lt Higginbottom the next day. A victory was credited to Ltn Georg Schlenker of Jasta 3, who claimed an FE shot down south west of Moeuvres - it was the 6th of his eventual 14 victories.

Transferring to the RFC was a very common occurence, as that arm of the service was always short of aircrew. Would-be observers were usually attached to a squadron for 'on the job' training and they would formally transfer later if they and aviation proved mutually compatible.

A photograph of a No 23 Sqn FE2b is below. The observer occupied the front cockpit.

I hope this helps.



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