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David Filsell


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32 minutes ago, trajan said:

Related to this topic, does anyone know the background of this photograph, reproduced here from the web for comment.



AH in trenches.jpg


Several sites state it was taken near Fromelles after the fall of France.



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Uncle George

Ian Kershaw, in his monumental 1998 biography, tells us that AH's award of the EK I was "a rare achievement for a corporal [sic]" ... " Gutmann ... had promised both dispatch runners the EK I if they succeeded in delivering the message. But since the action was, though certainly courageous, not strikingly exceptional, it was only after several weeks of his belabouring the divisional  commander that permission for the reward was granted."

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Kimberley John Lindsay

Dear All,

Here is a 1917 photo of Leutnant GMann1917.jpg.9020efc754ec413c7355840b77cb4a80.jpgGuttmann, who latterly lived a useful life in the USA.

Kindest regards,


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The Prussian


There are a lot of stories told about Hitler in the Great War. Was he brave? Was he not? Did he recieve his EK I just because he served with the regimental staff?

Well, I don´t know the english books about him, only the germans. And they are strange to read. The old from the 70s are ok, but authors like Maser wrote and wrote, without any proofs of something. To me the best book about him was from Joachimsthaler "Hitlers Weg begann in München 1913-1923). The german books from today are not readable because of the mainstream and hate against anything that is (or was) just a few inches far right from the communist wing...

So, I think, no-one of us knows, if he was a brave soldier, but the proof that he was, are his medals.

He didn´t recieve the EKs alone!

Here are his medals and rank

3.11.14: Gefreiter

2.12.14: EK II

17.9.17: bavarian military cross of merit III.class with swords

9.5.18: Regiment´s diploma bacause of outstanding bravery

18.5.18: Wound badge black

4.8.18: EK I

25.8.18: Service award III. class



5.10.16: grenade-shrapnel left thigh

14.10.18: Wounded by gas, temporary blindness

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