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Remembered Today:

Tank corps Black Watch MC winner


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Superb - thanks for sharing Mark

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Using my new book (Honours and Awards of the Tank Corps) here is a little piece on T/Lieut (as he was) James Lowry Lees.

This info is one page 78 of the book, in the 'Immediate Awards' section under the title 'The Great British Offensive, 1918'.

6th Battn.

During the operations (August 8 to 11) he made several daring reconnaissances. The success of his company was largely due to his skill and daring. Near Guillaucourt, seeing one of the tank commanders become a casualty, although employed as a reconnaissance officer, he took command of the tank, capturing two machine-guns.

On another occassion, near Parvillers, he crawled out to a derelict tank in No-Man's-Land, and though heavily shelled he manned the gun and silenced enemy snipers.

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