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Men and Units in the 9th East Lancs War Diary


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I have completed an index of the pages of my 9th East Lancs war diary photographs. I will post the names of the men mentioned and the units mentioned. If anyone wants copies of pages for a particular man or unit they can direct message me their email adddress and I will send them.

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Units Mentioned in the war diary between October 1915 and December 1917

1st 56th French

1st Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry

2/14 London (Scottish)

2/19 London

2/23 London

2nd Duke of Cornwalls Light Infantry

2nd Royal Army Medical Corps

3rd 54th French

7th Oxford and Buckinghamshire.

7th Royal Berkshire

7th South Wales Borderers

8th Kings Shropshire Light Infantry

8th Royal Scots Fusiliers

9th Kings Own Royal Lancaster

9th South Lancs

10th Devonshire

10th South Staffordshire

11th Royal Welsh Fusiliers

11th Worcester

12th Argyle & Sutherland Highlanders

12th Cheshires

12th Hampshire

12th Lancashire Fusiliers

13th Manchester

14th Kings Liverpool

28th Divisional Cavalry

54th Colonial French

65th Trench Mortar Battery

66th Field Ambulance

99th Field Artillery Brigade

101st Brigade Royal Field Artillery

109th Company Army Service Corps

113th French Brigade

115th Brigadede Royal Field Artillery

240th French

Men to follow

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Senior Officers

Gen. Foucard (French)

Gen. Gordon

Gen. Milne

Maj. Gen. F. Gordon

Lt. Gen. Sir H. Wilson GOC XII Corps

Brig. Gen. Bailey

Brig. Gen. J. Duncan

Col. C.P. Foley

Col. Hoysted C.R.E. 22nd Divn

Lt. Col. A.C. Gabbett

Lt. Col. Beasley

Lt. Col. C.E. Davies

Lt. Col. L.H. Trist

Lt. Col. P.J. Gout

Lt. Col. S.A. Pearse

Lt. Col. T. St.C. Davidson OC Bde

Lt. Col. Tweedie

Major Seyd (2nd in C Londons)

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Capt. (T) L.W. Croft

Capt. A Peltzer

Capt. A.D. Rollo

Capt. F.S. Pearson

Capt. G.C. de Mattos

Capt. G.H.T. Chowne

Capt. H.T. Kingden

Capt. H.V. Leonard

Capt. J. Gordon, Bde Major, 65th Inf Bde

Capt. J. Gurdon

Capt. L.W. Evans

Capt. R.F. Lee

Capt. R.S. Boothby

Capt. Vemattos

Capt. W.A. Heurtley

I suspect Vemattos is really de Mattos mistyped.

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Lieut. (T) F.C.A.C. Neal

Lieut. (T) J.S. Robinson

Lieut. A.H. Nelson

Lieut. B.O. Kinney

Lieut. C.J. Sharp

Lieut. E.L. Jones

Lieut. G. Buckley

Lieut. G.F. Frost

Lieut. G.R. Waller

Lieut. G.W. MacFarlane

Lieut. H. McDonnell

Lieut. H.C. Coaks

Lieut. H.L. Gibson

Lieut. H.M. Conway

Lieut. J. Kitching

Lieut. L.A. Lenny

Lieut. MacKeown

Lieut. P. Kendall 12th Lan Fus

Lieut. R. Gailey

Lieut. R.A. Brodie-James

Lieut. R.E. Young

Lieut. Settle,12th Lan Fus

Lieut. V.C. Witham

Lieut. W. Young

Lieut. W.D.L. Purves

Lieut. W.M. Bayley

Lieut. Whitehead 9th Kings Own

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Second Lieutenants

2 Lt. (T) A.E. Burrows

2 Lt. (T) H. Barnes

2 Lt. (T) H.C. Farrimond

2 Lt. (T) R.N. Morse

2 Lt. (T) S.M. Cartmell

2 Lt. (T) W. Burgess

2 Lt. (T) W. Jackson

2 Lt. A.N. Wight

2 Lt. B.H. Aylwyn

2 Lt. B.O. Collis

2 Lt. C.S. Guest

2 Lt. Coates

2 Lt. E. Bancroft

2 Lt. E.G. Chappel

2 Lt. E.H. Angier

2 Lt. E.M. Lawford

2 Lt. F.C.A.C. Neal.

2 Lt. G.P. Walker

2 Lt. G.R. Walker

2 Lt. G.R. Walters

2 Lt. H. H. House

2 Lt. H. Yarde-Martin

2 Lt. H.D. Reynolds

2 Lt. H.L.V. Robins

2 Lt. H.M. Wingfield

2 Lt. H.V. Robinson

2 Lt. H.V.L. Robins

2 Lt. Hilpitch 14th Kings L'pool

2 Lt. J. Scott-Robinson

2 Lt. J. Shepherd

2 Lt. J.A.G. Innes

2 Lt. J.S. Oldham

2 Lt. K.G. Paterson

2 Lt. K.G. Wilson

2 Lt. Parrot

2 Lt. R. Addison

2 Lt. R.B. Mackeown

2 Lt. R.L. Corlett

2 Lt. R.R. Stephens

2 Lt. T. Sparshott

2 Lt. W. Burgess

2 Lt. W.E.J. Brown

G.P. and G.R. Walker and Walters may be the same man (again possible typos) see also Lieut. G.R. Waller.

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Other Ranks

C.S.M. Saunders

Sgt. A. McMillan No 9/1479

Sgt. J. Downing No. 9/19650

Sgt. Morgan

Cpl. (A. Sgt) D. Burke No. 9/14478

Cpl. Bennet No. 13579

Cpl. E. Lancaster No. 9/14263

Cpl. J Hodgson No. 9/14843

Cpl. Johnson

L. Cpl. N. Ainsworth. No. 3/20923

L. Cpl. T. Whittaker

Pte. (A/Sgt) J.W. Neville 9/16796

Pte. C. Griffin No. 14653

Pte. E. Williams

Pte. H. Beaver No. 9/13982

Pte. P. Curwen No. 13413

Pte. Pilkington No. 9/13572

Pte. S. Heywood 9/14319

Pte. T. Towler

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Capt. (T) L.W. Croft

Capt. A Peltzer

Capt. A.D. Rollo

Capt. F.S. Pearson

Capt. G.C. de Mattos

Capt. G.H.T. Chowne

Capt. H.T. Kingden

Capt. H.V. Leonard

Capt. J. Gordon, Bde Major, 65th Inf Bde

Capt. J. Gurdon

Capt. L.W. Evans

Capt. R.F. Lee

Capt. R.S. Boothby

Capt. Vemattos

Capt. W.A. Heurtley

I suspect Vemattos is really de Mattos mistyped.

Hi Gardenerbill,

My Grandfather Leslie Evans was in the RAMC attached to 9th East Lancashire and is the Capt. LW Evans you've listed in your post. He didn't speak about his experiences in the war although according to family legend he served in Gallipoli and the Balkans. He was mentioned in dispatches in 1917 and awarded an MC in 1918 but we don't know any more than this. I would be very grateful if you could send me any documents or photos you have that include him or direct me towards any useful sources. I've just started researching my family tree and I'm quickly coming to realise how complex it is to work your way through the mass of incomplete, typed or handwritten documentation - so I greatly appreciate the work you and others are doing to research this area.

Would PM you but I don't seem to have access to that functionality.

Many thanks


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Welcome to the forum. I have quite a lot of information about the 9th East Lancs, however my Grandfather was only with them for 5 months so it is at present an incomplete picture. I intend to try and complete the story in the new year. The Lancashire Regiments museum at Fulwood barracks Preston have a typed copy of the 9th East Lancs war diary and a copy of the East Lancs Regimental History, well worth a visit if you can get there. I only have one reference to your Grandfather in my records:

“B” Coy.

Capt. Leonard and remaining 25 men will pass through the wire at 4.30 a.m. and remain at suitable distance from the REDOUBT & Trench Mortar during the assault. Capt. Evans M.O. will accompany him.

It is from an Appendix in the war diary at the end of October 1916 detailing the 9th East Lancs objectives in the 65th Brigades planned assault on the Village of Akindzali West. The assault was eventually carried out in two stages the first to take the Hodza Redoubt took place on the 27th of December, then the assault on the village was successfully carried out on the 6th of January 1917.

I will email the page from the diary to you shorty.

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Thank you very much for the reference and the copy of the page.

Thank you also for pointing me towards the East Lancashire regiment sources. I will try to visit the national archive or Preston regimental museum in the near future to see if there is any more information on my Grandfather. I wish you luck with your own research into your grandfather and thank you for your help.

Best Wishes,


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Since posting this thread I have returned to the Lancashire Regiments Museum at Preston and photographed the rest of the 9th East Lancs war diary, and I now have it in it's entirety. I have read through the diary and made a full list of the men named in it, so here are the new ones not listed above:

Senior Officers

Lieutenant Colonel E. Campbell

Lieutenant Colonel I.M. Campbell

Lieutenant Colonel J.A. Campbell

Lieutenant Colonel Maxwell Scott C.G.S.O.

Major C. McG. Compton

Major V.L. De Cordova

Major P. Gottwaltz

Major Nickols (14th K Lp)

Major M.C. Peak

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Captains and Lieutenants

Captain C.E. Boyce

Captain G. Macfarlane

Captain W. Driffield White

Lieutenant J.L. Baxter

Lieutenant A. Brown

Lieutenant W.E.G. Brown

Lieutenant H. Davies

Lieutenant C.F. French

Lieutenant H. Gomersall

Lieutenant I.B. Jones

Lieutenant F.J. Kiddy

Lieutenant J.C.B. Knowles

Lieutenant S.G. Lane

Lieutenant H.A. Langdale

Lieutenant Macdonell

Lieutenant J.W. Miller

Lieutenant Palmer

Lieutenant C.T. Sharp

Lieutenant E.A. Smith

Lieutenant Tew

Lieutenant A. Trewheler

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2nd Lieutenants

2nd Lieutenant A.R. Alvin

2nd Lieutenant E.H. Cooper

2nd Lieutenant H. Cosens

2nd Lieutenant A.E.E. Dean

2nd Lieutenant J.H. Evett

2nd Lieutenant T.W. Hastings

2nd Lieutenant W. Hill

2nd Lieutenant R.J. Holloway

2nd Lieutenant W.M.C. Hustler

2nd Lieutenant C.C. Jones

2nd Lieutenant J.S.C. Knowles

2nd Lieutenant A. Lochart

2nd Lieutenant G. Newall

2nd Lieutenant H. Proctor

2nd Lieutenant R.G. Pullen

2nd Lieutenant L.T. Rinder

2nd Lieutenant F.D. Smith

2nd Lieutenant A. Thom

2nd Lieutenant F.S. Tribe

2nd Lieutenant G.V. Windsor

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Other Ranks

Sergeant P. Brown 14123

Sergeant E. Grayson 5727

C.S.M. T. Hibbert 17378

Sergeant Yeoman 9/14532

Corporal, H. Wild 14146

Lance Corporal C. Donohue 18183

Lance Corporal Marshall 23039

Lance Corporal Thompson 9/14035

Private C. Casey 9/18137

Private J. Casson 9/14430

Private J. Duffy 19645

Private W. Fletcher 9/14423

Private R.B. Hughes

Private W. Hughes 9/14379

Private Hunt 201455

Private G. Treeby

Private G.W. Woods 3/26926

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Here is a photograph of Lt F J Kiddy, Notts and Derbyshire Regiment, who you mention above (post 12). He was later involved in the 22nd Divisional Theatre Group.



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Sepoy thank you for posting the picture.

Lieutenant Kiddy is first mentioned in the 9EL war diary when he joins the battalion on the 1st of April 1918, presumably transferred from the Notts and Derby. The only other mention is on the 19th of September 1918 when he is one of the wounded in the advance on 'The Warren' 2nd battle of Doiran (see image in my second post in the 22nd Division Theatre Group topic). In your photograph he has a medal ribbon above his left breast pocket, was he awarded the MC I wonder?

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The ribbon is for the Queen's South Africa Medal. He served as 30520 Quartermaster Sergeant Frank John Kiddy, 104th Company (Derbyshire) 4th Battalion Imperial Yeomanry during the Anglo-Boer War. He was posted "Missing - Rejoined" on 2nd February, 1902 near Fraserburg, Northern Cape.


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And some more Units:

100th Field Company RE

11th Italian Regt

11th Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)

143rd Fortress Company RE

156th French Division

1st York and Lancaster

250th French Regiment

28th Casualty Clearing Station

31st Casualty Clearing Station

41st Remount Squadron

65th Machine Gun Company

67th Punjabis

68th Field Ambulance Company

7th Mounted Brigade

8th South Wales Borderers

95th Russell's Infantry

98th Field Artillery Brigade

9th Border Regiment


154th Division (French)

17th Colonial Regiment (French)

1st York and Lancaster

If anyone requires information on the context of these references either post a request here or send me a PM and will provide the info I have.

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Could you tell me what is said about 98th Brigade (presumably Royal?) Field Artillery please?

I'm trying to follow "A" Battery 98th Brigade during the first Battle of Doiran 24/25 April 1917.

From the RFA War Diary it seems they were detached from their Unit, designated Bourchiers Group (named after their Lt Col. R W H Bourchier), and allocated to Wards Group – presumably 'Ward' being another Lt Colonel ish OC.


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Hi Gardenerbill

Could you tell me what you have "2nd Lieutenant R.G. Pullen"? I have the postcards he sent home to his family in Preston and so am researching him. So far I've managed to track him to the Battle of Albert in July 1916. But then I loose him after that. If my 2nd Lieutenant R G Pullen is the same as yours (I think he probably is - same rank, same name, in a Lancashire Regiment), then he's moved a bit from the Somme! Where is your R.G Pullen at the time you've tracked him?

He was awarded the MC in 1917

"For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty at a critical moment. He gathered a few men together and rushed them to the exposed flank, where he held up an enemy bombing party single-handed until reinforced by another company and two tanks. He was severely wounded whilst performing this gallant action."

Thanks for any help you can give!


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Hi Kate,

I will check my records when I get home but it may not be the same man. The MC citation you quoted mentions 2 tanks, this would place him on the western front in 1917, as far as I am aware tanks were not used in any of the other theatres and definitely not on the Salonika front.

There is a Gazette entry here for R.G.:


And three for Reginald George:


And a medal card here:


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