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Original Burial, Iberian. Sht.28 N.E. D.19.a.15.35

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I had it confirmed that the original burial place of Sgt 536 Harold McCormack/McCormick, 13th Royal Irish Rifles,KIA 16/08/1917 Burial Tyne Cot Cemetery. We think he was 17th Bn Royal Irish Rifles and trying to confirm.

Sht.28 N.E. D.19.a.15.35 would someone with knowledge confirm if this image of map is right, been at this a few days now and not sure Sht.28 N.E. D.19.a (a being the top left corner but haven't the foggiest about 15.35. I would be grateful if an expect could put a circ around near the spot if this is correct and either email or post.

Found this bit of map by luck on either TGWF or Google but lost the page so credit to ever who posted.

Any info on the action 16/08/1917 would be great.

Courtesy of C.W.G.C.

"TYNE COT CEMETERY was greatly enlarged after the Armistice when remains were brought in from the battlefields of Passchendaele and Langemarck, and from a few small burial grounds, including the following:

IBERIAN SOUTH CEMETERY and IBERIAN TRENCH CEMETERY, LANGEMARCK, 1,200 metres North of Frezenberg, close to a farm called by the Army "Iberian". These contained the graves of 30 soldiers from the United Kingdom who fell in August-September, 1917, and March, 1918."



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The map reference you have is the centre of the yellow cross on this map....



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...which, on a modern map, is here.....


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Wow! Fantastic Dave, thank you, and very much appreciated.

Did you know i was going to post this, unbelievable quick reply, (lol).


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