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Award of MM to Pte Frank Duncan of 9 Black Watch, but which 9 Black Wa


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The LG of 11 February 1919 lists the award of the MM to Pte Frank Duncan of 9 Black Watch.

He was a regular, having enlisted on 11 December 1909. He arrived in France (with 2 Battalion, presumably) on 12 October 1914. He served on after the war and according to his obituary in 1948 served 20 years, though I think it may have been a couple of years less.

Can anyone suggest approximately when, for what engagement and with which 9 Black Watch he was awarded his MM?

The original 9 BW was amalgamated with 4/5 BW on 16 May 1918 (as 4/5 BW). A new 9 BW was formed on 9 May 1918 in England, went to France 30 July/ 1 August 1918. It first moved to a battle zone on 19 August 1918.(Wauchope)

(The local newspaper is singularly reticent about Frank Duncan. I have found nothing about his MM at all.)


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I should have added that I haven't found mention of his MM in Wauchope (under either battalion) or in the war diaries. It does get a mention in the Times!

His MIC does not mention 9 BW.


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