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Hans Molier

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I've seen several Duch members on this forum about WW-1. But, what's interesting me is, why ?

In Holland there is only one war, and that's WW2. Also in Dutch schools they learn almost nothing about WW1, and the reason is offcourse the neutrality of Holland during WW1.

Personally, the British forces and Britains warhistory have always interested me. And offcourse the history of the Victoria Cross and the recipeints and their heroic actions. But, I'm very interested in the arguments of the other Dutch members on this forum, so please be my quest and tell us all why you are so interested in the history of WW1 ?

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Hi Hans,

- Holland being neutral in WW 1 is part of history and as such significant;

- One can not understand WW2 without understanding WW1;

- Personally I was interested in WW1 (and WW2) from a young age, part of my 'heritage' I suppose;

- This past half year my interest revived when I realised after my mother died that valuable knowledge would go up in smoke if I did not research the background of my maternal grandfather who was a regular who fought from August 25th 1914 with the B.E.F.

- One person among millions and all so important never to forget.

Somehow this might not 'fit' in the general revival of the interest of Dutch people in WW 1 which as such is an interesting phenomenem.

How did your interest start?



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Hi Michael,

Also like you, I was interested in WW1 and WW2 from a young age. And as mentioned before, I'm very interested in the history of British and Commonwealth forces and their warhistory. Rorke's Drift, Ypres, the Battle of Arnhem, Falklands, just some names of places where British forces has been in action and many Victoria Crosses were earned.

It's just difficult to explain, but the heroïc intention to fight and even die for King/Queen and Country interests me very much. Even now I'm still following the actions of the British and Commonwealth forces all over the world.

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hello hans,

My interrest has always been history in general. Well most of it is in a certain way understandable but.......WW1? Thats what got me started at 15. Still can't grasp the horror the men went through those four years. Still trying to understand what kept them going and .. and..and..

I think i'll never find the answer but one thing keeps coming upp Mateship,palls, comerads, kameraden. Think there's the cleu.

Thats why i also do living history WW1. To remember them. to educate myself and others and to try to live upp to their motto the war to end all wars.



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Well spoken Patrick ! I'm also trying to understand what kept them going in those circumstances, and a very long way from home.

Also at our Dutch website about WW2 I've openend a topic about WW1, and by this way and by creating a complete new website about the Victoria Cross, I hope to make the history of WW1 more known in the Netherlands.

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For me it started with WW2. I live in Eindhoven and both my parents had/have vivid memories of the liberation of the city on 18th September 1944.

I remember visiting the cemetery at Oosterbeek when I was four years old. It made a big impression. I remember watching "Colditz" on television (is it already available on DVD?). Etc. Etc.

Somehow I got interested in the Great War. Maybe it was the program "Oponthoud in Verdun" from the AVRO. But it probably was the book "Some Desperate Glory - The diary of a young officer, 1917" by E.C. Vaughan.


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