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Remembered Today:

Large Black Cloud


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The War Diary entry of the 4th Btn Royal Fusiliers on the 22nd August 1915 when in trenches in Sanctuary Wood notes

" about 6pm a large black cloud about 250ft long by 150 wide & 300ft altitude passed silently and rapidly overhead from the direction of Hooge"

The diary does not have any further entries regarding cloud formations.

Are there any other War Diary entries for this day that record this event?

Would`nt it be too high for a gas cloud?


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I would say probably the result of a 'flamethrower' assault?

Sorry this image is a bit poor but the caption underneath the main picture reads:-

Operating with a captured German " Flammenwerfer," and watching the results of the flaming " chemical attack."

Inset : view of the dense clouds of black smoke that accompanied the operating of a flame-projector.

British troops suffered from the effects of this inhuman apparatus at Hooge on July 30th, 1915.




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